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《獅子女巫魔衣櫥》"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Touring) "





《獅子女巫魔衣櫥》是一個關於成長的故事,作者 C.S. Lewis 筆下的世界更為大、小朋友帶來無盡的想像力,成為傳誦一時的小說。這個故事描述了四位兄弟姊妹穿過衣櫥,去到一個充滿魔幻景象的世界,而原本是「膽小」、「不義」、 「無情」、「平庸」的小孩經過一段奇幻旅程,通過種種歷練後成為「英勇」、「正義」、「仁慈」、「莊嚴高尚」的⋯⋯ 大細路劇團「文學系列」誠意推出由 Le Clanché du Rand 改編的外百老匯作品,是集想像力、面具、魔法、音樂與文學的創作,此二人演出版本在紐約的 St. Luke's Theatre 進行了首演。期待各家庭一同經歷這充滿冒險與魔幻的Narnia旅程。

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is a story about growth. The author, C. S. Lewis, created a big world with his widely-known fiction and brought infinite imagination for children. The story is about four siblings entering a magical world through the wardrobe. They are originally cowardly, injust, feelingless and mediocre. After the magical journey, they pass the tests and become brave, just, kind and venerable.

It is in the Literature Series of Jumbo Kids Theatre. This performance, which is adapted from an Off-Broadway production of Le Clanché du Rand, consists of imagination, mask, magic, music and literature. The two actors version was first shown in St. Luke's Theatre of New York.

Families should join this magical and adventurous journey into Narnia.


2021年3月19,26日(五) 8pm
2021年3月20,27日(六) 2:30pm/5pm/8pm
2021年3月21,28日(日) 11am/2:30pm/5pm

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