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劇團創造及發展了《多士妹系列》─ 一系列獨特的、有趣的小朋友角色,作為演出的骨幹,並配以別具特色的半面具造型,以激發小朋友的思考及想像力。我們以小孩子的生活為創作題材,發展出一系列的故事。大細路是香港唯一作此嘗試的兒童劇團。駐團角色包括多士妹、易合一、藍同學、呂同學、星仔、笑妹妹、阿明和威表哥等。


Unique Half Mask Characters

Jumbo Kids Theatre has successfully created a series of Unique Half Mask Characters " Toasty Series " including these lovely characters – Toasty, Ah Lam, Ah Lui, 2 in 1, Little-star, Ming, Cousin Wai, Smiley, Nam Nam and Toy– they become a hallmark in our repertoire. These characters stimulate the minds and imagination of young audience through our performances.


多士妹 Toasty



A 8 year old girl from Jumbo Kids Primary School - Class 3D and an elder sister of Baby Nga Nga. Toasty is a question lover whose favourite food is toast. She always get ahead of herself and make bad decisions​.

jk sticker toasty 2023.png

易合一 2 in 1 


2 in 1, also named as “School detective” is a student from Jumbo Kids Primary School - Class 3D who loves to chase after the truth.

JK sticker-11.png

藍同學  Ah Lam


Ah Lam is Toasty’s classmate who looks and acts stupid. He is cute but forgetfulness. 

jk chararter png-02.png

呂同學 Ah Lui


Toasty’s classmate who loves noble things and jabbers. She can talk non-stop for 5 hours.

JK sticker-06.png

星仔 Little Star


From Class 3D, Little star is a foreigner with dark skin. He can speak fluent cantonese and love jokes.

jk chararter png-04.png

笑妹妹 Smiley


Smiley also from Class 3D, is a disabled person who is caring and cheerful.

JK sticker-09.png

阿明 Ming


Ming is a bright student from Class 3D who also suffers from learning disability.

JK sticker-08.png

威表哥 Cousin Wai


Toasty’s cousin, a lower-form student who is selfish and doesn't like to share. 

jk chararter png-09.png

藍藍 Blue


Blue is a transfer student of Class 3D. She is a courteous Hong Kong-born Indonesian. 

jk chararter png-06.png



Toy is a transfer student of Class 3D who loves science. He likes designing his own toys with recycled materials. 

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